We are the class of 2004 and here are some of our stories

After graduating with a bachelor's degree in Applied Chemistry from UI in 2004, I pivoted to the business world by first getting a Master of Science degree in Marketing Communications and, further on, an MBA specializing in Corporate Finance and Investment Banking. The original desire to pivot to finance was planted during a collegiate internship with Chevron Nigeria, where I was placed within the company's business development group. It was there I realized a couple of truths that drove me toward the business side of things - The core skills/ lessons a Chemistry background equips one with (analytical mindset, understanding correlation vs. causality, failing quickly/ experimentation, identification of variables that affect an ecosystem ) are all values that apply to Finance - Innovation has to have a pathway to application, that is, it doesn't matter how good your thesis is if it has no viable application to solve a problem I have lived those principles in my career in finance over the last decade and continue to be thankful for the lessons learned through Chemistry in my current role as Senior Vice President in the Corporate Investment Banking division of the largest bank in the world

-- Tosan Olley

I'm Babatope Johnson, a graduate of University of Ibadan with a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Chemistry. After graduation, I found myself in the field of Finance & Account for a period years, though I found interesting because of my flair for figures. With the passage of time, a dear friend & sister - Mrs. Mulikat nee Alli, suggested, I should try Accounting. After so much persuasion, I registered as a Student Member with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria in 2007 and was exempted from only one course- Quantitative Analysis at the Foundation level because of my Science background. By January, 2009 I started classes. At the the principle of debit & credit were like hieroglyphics, couldn't comprehend a hoot. But with my first sets of ICAN examinations approaching, I remembered how we would turn Kenneth Dike Library literally into our second home & our every week laboratory work - 6hrs each of Organic, Inorganic & Physical Chemistry, then the 'can do spirit's set in. To bring home my story, by November 2012, I qualified as a Chartered Accountant, had a few spell at The University of Lagos too for my B.Sc. Accounting with a First. I returned and I saw under the sun .....'time & chance happened to them all'.

-- Babatope Johnson

I graduated from UI with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and a Master’s degree in Environmental Chemistry and Pollution Control. Chemistry was quite abstract to me during my early undergraduate days, but I got the hang of the course towards the end. I was more comfortable with ICH courses and later did better in organic chemistry classes not because I liked them but had to take up the challenge to dedicate more time to reading because they were just too complex!!!! I didn’t have any mentor, nor was I inspired by any lecturer. However, I liked Prof. Okorie’s swag (he had a particular way of walking) and Prof. Wood’s attitude (one-man soldier, never sent anybody apart from his best friend, Prof. Oniawa). After graduation, I worked as a Banker for about six years before joining the Nigerian Research Institute and pursuing a Ph.D. in Environmental Chemistry. In all, I had fun memories with friends like Bimpe, Kehinde, Seun, and Chinedu, and I am glad I grew to like Chemistry.

-- Idera Fabunmi

I graduated from the University of Ibadan with a Bachelors of Science (Hons) degree in Chemistry in 2003. After which, I had an MSc degree in Environmental and Pollution Control from the same department and Institution and finally bagged my Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry (Medicinal Chemistry) in the same department and Institution in March 2016. I am a lecturer at the Chemical Science department, Redeemer's University Ede Osun State Nigeria, where I teach Organic Chemistry and Spectroscopy. I can also remember people who had their first degree and their Ph.D. from the same Institution, like Dr. Paul Osamudiame and Dr. Mayowa Onipede. Other classmates with both first degrees and Ph. Ds include Dr. Martins Oderinde, Dr. Tolu Aweda, Dr. Dayo Fashina, Dr. Yemi Akinyugha, Dr. Yemi Ogunkeyede, Prof. Samuel Odoh, and a host of others that I may not remember.

-- Sunday Olugbenga Ajibade

I graduated from the University of Ibadan (UI) with a bachelor's degree in Chemistry. After graduation in 2004, I set up a business called "8M Global Communications Ltd," registered with the CAC in 2008, where I ran a telecommunications outfit. I went on to set up a restaurant and bar from 2012 to 2014 and then leased it out to an investor. In 2016 I worked with Kirby Nigeria as an independent marketer. I left in 2018, after which I acquired paint production skills which led from one line of business to three subsidiaries of my parent company; these are 8M Global Designs, 8M Global Cleaning, and 8M Global Energy. 8M Global Designs is my real estate arm of the business, which involves reconstruction, interior, and exterior decoration. I have a small-scale customized paint production outfit with a factory and paint brand on the verge of registration. 8M Global Cleaning takes care of post-construction, general, and industrial cleaning. 8M Global Energy deals with renewable energy for homes, offices, and other setups.

-- Marshall Ohanugo

I graduated from the University of Ibadan with a BSc degree in Industrial Chemistry. Prof. Oladele Osibanjo's passion for chemistry, including his various contributions to the awareness of the need, and implementation of environmental protection in Nigeria, inspired me. He enlightened us on the importance of chemistry as the central science and its application to all aspects of our lives works. After graduation, I did my National Youth Service at the Department of Pure and Industrial Chemistry, University of Nigeria Nsukka, where I became more attracted to lecturing with the awareness of the impact I could make on my students and colleagues. This encouraged me to commence my Ph.D. after my M.Sc program. I am an Associate Professor of Environmental/Analytical Chemistry at the University of Nigeria Nsukka. I also advocate for equal opportunities and quality education for all.

-- Cynthia N. Ibeto

As a child, I dreamed of becoming a pilot, but there was only one aviation school in the country then, which was also expensive. I later fell in love with science and organic chemistry at Abeokuta Grammar School, so I decided to pursue a career in chemistry. In 1999, I was admitted to the University of Ibadan to study either chemistry or physics, and I decided to pursue chemistry. Coming from humble beginnings, I studied hard, believing graduating with a good grade could open doors of opportunities after college. Although I ventured into politics and was the president of the faculty students association (FASSA) in my final year, I only engaged in a few social activities. My primary focus was on academic excellence, and I studied strategically to achieve good grades throughout my time in U.I. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in industrial chemistry from U.I. in 2004 with First honors. Upon completing my NYSC in Sokoto state in 2005, I left the country on a scholarship award to pursue a Master's degree in organic chemistry at the University of Alberta, Canada. I obtained a Master's degree in 2008, after which I worked as a Senior Research Associate, Process chemist at Gilead Sciences, a research-based pharmaceutical company in Canada. While at Gilead, I had a renewed passion for organic synthesis, catalysis, methodology, process chemistry, and mechanistic studies and an insatiable hunger for knowledge. In 2009, I resigned from Gilead and went back to school to pursue a Ph.D. My Ph.D. journey began at Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, in Professor Cathleen Crudden's lab, where I studied homogenous catalysis and mechanistic studies for six months before proceeding to York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to do research in total synthesis, catalysis, and mechanistic studies in Professor Michael Organ's lab. I obtained a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from York University in 2013 with a GPA of 4 out of 4. In 2013, I also became a Canadian citizen, which made it easier for me to pursue postdoctoral studies in the United States. I undertook an academic postdoctoral study at Stanford University, California, USA, in Professor Justin Dubois's lab from 2013 to 2014 and industrial postdoctoral studies at AstraZeneca (a research-based pharmaceutical company), Boston, from 2014 - 2016. I specialize in photocatalysis, synthesis, and medicinal and process chemistry. My professional career began at Pfizer in 2016 (USA), where I worked as a Senior Scientist in medicinal chemistry. I joined the discovery chemistry and synthesis department at Bristol Myers Squibb in 2018 and was promoted to Senior Principal Scientist in 2021. During my professional career and as of 2022, I have published 32 peer-reviewed articles, co-invent one patent, and am currently writing a chapter on photochemical cycloadditions in the 3rd edition of the Comprehensive Organic Synthesis textbook. I am also on the International Advisory Board of Angewandte Chemie, a prestigious and well-recognized German Chemistry Journal. I have received many awards in chemistry, including the Chemistry Leadership Award in Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry at Bristol Myers Squibb, the Innovation and Achievement Award at AstraZeneca, and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC-PDF) Award from the Research Council of Canada. I am also a career consultant for the American Chemical Society and a regular manuscripts reviewer for many chemistry journals, including Science, Nature, Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS), Journal of Organic Chemistry (JOC), Organic Letters, Angewandte Chemie International Edition (ACIE) journal amongst others. I hope my story and career journey motivate some past and current chemistry students and encourage those aspiring to pursue a career in chemistry. I am glad to be a chemist because I impact people's lives daily by designing and synthesizing life-saving drugs.

-- Martins. S. Oderinde

I graduated from UI with a Bachelor’s degree in Pure Chemistry in March 2004. After graduation, I was commissioned into the Nigerian Army as a member of Direct Regular Course (DRC) 15 serving our country professionally as an Army Officer and Chemist. In my military career, I have attended many required military training/courses relevant to my career as an Army Officer. Additionally, I have been privileged to serve as a Chemistry Instructor, Lecturer, and other administrative/military functions in various units of the Nigerian Armed forces, such as the Nigerian Military School, Nigerian Army School of Education, and Nigerian Defence Academy, to mention a few. The Nigerian Armed Forces have supported me to accomplish other civil educational qualifications, including Chemistry up to Ph.D. level. I am married to Bukoye, a Nurse, and blessed with children. Civil Postgraduate Education Qualifications include: Apart from the previous BSc, Pure Chemistry, University of Ibadan, Nigeria (Mar 2004), other civil postgraduate education qualifications obtained include MSc Industrial Chemistry, University of Ibadan, Nigeria; Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) of the National Teachers’ Institute, Usman-Danfodio University, Sokoto, Nigeria; MSc Analytical Chemistry and EnvironmentalScience, Loughborough University, United Kingdom; Masters’ in International Affairs and StrategicStudies (MIASS) NDA Kaduna. Additionally, I have completed a Ph.D. Chemistry, The University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK. I have to specially acknowledge the encouragement and support of Prof O. Osibanjo (HOD Chemistry) and Prof Mrs.A Ayelaagbe (Postgraduate Student Coordinator) and Dr.B.O. Ogunsile (my MSc project supervisor), late Prof Aderoju Osowole and Late Dr. O Odola. They all hugely supported me (as mentors) to embark on my military training while on MSc Industrial Chemistry. I appreciate the mentorship role of all other Chemistry UI lecturers and the comradeship of the entire Class of 2004. We are a class like no other, as most of our lecturers attested. Let’s keep it up. Honor and Award Force Service Star ​(FSS)​ Membership in Professional Bodies I enjoyed the membership in professional bodies such as the Teachers’ Registration Council of Nigeria​ (MTRCN), Member Chemical Society of Nigeria (MCSN), Associate Member Royal Society of Chemistry (AMRSC), and International Adsorption Society (IAS). Interests Swimming, playing badminton, reading newspapers, mentoring, and listening to music.

-- Lt Col O.A. Babarinde

I Graduated from the University of Ibadan with a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry. After graduation, for the past 18 years of our education, I have been on a journey full of experiences, challenges, and accomplishments. Even though I couldn't get a good grade due to the challenges I faced during those times because my father abandoned us, I thank God I made it through the higher institution. I am proud to call myself a graduate of the University of Ibadan, irrespective of my grade. It hasn't always been easy, but as I progressed down the road, I pushed myself to reach across barriers and reach for greater heights which have led to new and expanding roles where I was allowed to explore my interests & discover what excites me. To God be the glory, my growth and self-discovery have helped me thus far. I am married and have three children ( a girl and a set of twins). I was offered an appointment with a drug manufacturing company as Chemical Analyst in their laboratory, where I worked for a few years before getting another better job in one big catering service firm in Ibadan as an Administrative officer. My enthusiasm for hospitality and catering management grew from the lessons & experiences I gained in the catering firm. My husband passed on and leaving me to care for three kids alone. My husband's death took a toll on me, and I started having some medical issues and doctor advised me to leave my job so that I would have some rest, which I did. I stayed at home for a few months before I got a big contract from Lafarge Cement for their Annual Award to their customers in the 36 states we have in Nigeria. It was a success for me, and to cater for their Annual Award the following year again. So, that was how I decided to begin my own catering service business with God's intervention. To God be the glory, I raised the three children from primary school and through secondary school as well; they are all now undergraduates. My first child is in a private university, Leadcity University studying Business Administration, and my twins( boys) will be entering LAUTEC by November by God's grace. Now I own a catering business firm where I have workers that I pay monthly and some other casual workers daily. I believe where we end up isn't the most critical decision; instead, it is the road we choose to take to get there. The route we take is what we will look back on and call our life.

-- Tikemi Johnson nee Otenaike

My name is Modupe Olorunsola (nee Kusoro). I graduated from the UI with a bachelor's degree in Chemistry. After which, I completed a masters' In Analytical Chemistry also from UI in 2006. After that, I worked at Ranbaxy Nigeria Ltd (now Sun Pharma) for a couple of years before I relocated to the US. In the US, I decided to follow my childhood passion of being a Healthcare professional and opted for Pharmacy. I completed my prerequisites for Pharmacy School at a Community College. I proceeded to the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, obtaining my Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree. I currently work as an MTM (Medication Therapy Management) Pharmacist and a retail Pharmacist in one of the chain pharmacy stores in the US. While at UI, I was greatly inspired by Prof Osinbajo and Dr. woods. Prof Osinbajo made analytical chemistry very simple and exciting. Little wonder I came back for a master's in this field right after youth service. Dr. Woods, while serving as our course advisor ( I believe for 300L or 400L), gave me a word that has kept me going all these years, "If you don't write yourself off, then nobody can write you off." I met prof Iweibo (then dean of the Faculty of Science) while seeking admission into UI, and right there and then, he took me up and mentored me all through my education at UI.

-- Modupe Olorunsola (nee Kusoro)

I graduated from UI with a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Chemistry. After graduation, I ventured into the aviation industry. Virgin Atlantic training is intense with daily assessments. Studying, understanding, and preparing for examinations in the Chemistry department gave me a soft landing. Yours sincerely was awarded the best student in my class with a bottle of champagne to celebrate. After a couple of years with lots of travel adventures, it was time for a change. With my foundation in Chemistry, the change was seamless. Long hours of studying and research is not an issue, all thanks to a solid foundation and wise counsel from different professors. A piece of advice that mainly stuck with me was by Prof Osibanjo: "Your first degree shows that you are trainable; you can go on to be whatever you want to be." Now I am an Occupational Health and Safety Manager in the oil and gas industry; maybe I will change and venture into something new tomorrow. Note, We are unique, multifaceted people. Resonance is defined as the delocalization of electrons with the movement of pi bonds and lone pairs. In layman's terms, the same molecule can exist in multiple states. There's a metaphor here between the resonance structures that a molecule can have and the personas that people possess in different situations. Life is full of oxymorons and contradictions. Chances are that we are not the same person in front of our friends as our professors or parents, but that doesn't make us any less ourselves. What's important, however, is that resonance is not an interchange from state to state but rather the average of the states themselves. In a paradox of sorts, we are simultaneously each of the personas we embody, which, if anything, makes us all the more human. Culled from: https://stanforddaily.com/2019/05/15/life-lessons-as-told-by-organic-chemistry/

-- Imelda Taiye Blankson

I am an Industrial Chemistry graduate from the prestigious University of Ibadan. I initially wanted to study medicine but ended up in the Chemistry department, a situation I am now grateful for. The resilience built learning that course contributed immensely to who I have become. I mainly found Prof. Osibanjo interesting, as he took us through the journey of Ind. Chemistry brings out the economics of chemistry. My love for commerce made it relatively easy for me to go into banking after graduation. I suddenly knew I didn't want to be in a laboratory, and I wanted to be in the space where financial transactions were being structured. So, I started my career in an advertising firm and, a year later, in banking. I got an MBA about three years after UI and began taking certifications and courses (including CFI) related to finance. Afterward, I became a fellow of the AESN, took more classes, and finally pitched my tent in Credit & Financial Analysis, Financial Advisory, and Financial Services. Now, I am the GMD of a Project Management and Business Advisory firm called Elgasol Resources and the CEO of a credit company called KELV Consults. I sit on the board of a Cooperative Society here in Nigeria and am a nominated member of the Board of a new Finance House also in Nigeria. I hope to take this knowledge globally in the nearest future.

-- Adekemi Sogunro (nee Adeyeye)

After graduating with a bachelor's degree in Industrial Chemistry from UI in 2004, I then worked as a quality control analyst at Oando plc in Lagos for two years before I decided to opt for a Ph.D. abroad. My Ph.D. was at the University of California, Davis (UCDavis), where I did research in Analytical Chemistry (with a designated emphasis in biotechnology - DEB). I currently work as a Senior Scientist at Takeda Pharmaceutical in Boston, where my research focuses on biologics drug and vaccine development. Chemistry continues to be my passion. Professor Osibanjo was my mentor at UI. His knowledge of Chemistry and how he related it to wealth creation and real-life applications inspired me. I also learned so much from him about life away from Chemistry. Professor Okonjo, Professor Oshowole, and Dr. Odola were part of my story at UI. UI Chemistry gave me an excellent foundation in my current scientific career. For that, I am grateful to the citadel of academic excellence. I am passionate about mentoring younger scientists in Nigeria per their career choices. It's my little way of turning the concept of brain drain into an effective brain gain.

-- Charles Nwosu

After graduating with a bachelor's degree in Chemistry from U.I, I also bagged a Post graduate diploma in Education, affiliated with Usman Danfolio University. I also had a series of training over the years. That qualifies me as a member of TRCN and a licensed and qualified Educator... Presently I'm a Chemistry teacher at Lagos State Government School. I also have a business where I train people to make household products, like laundry soap, detergent, Cosmetics, etc. Masters in the view from NOUN. Happily married with four kids. Change of any sort is reversible to some degree. In any given reaction, an equilibrium constant, K, encodes a relationship between products and reactants: a large "K" hints at more products. At the same time, a small "k" favors the reactants. As a chemist, I learned about the reversibility of reactions; how even a stable acetal can be reversed with a bit of acid to form its corresponding ketone. I am getting at with this tidbit: change can be reverted or kept. Be willing to venture out and do something that deviates from the mundane because worse comes to worst, it can be reversed with some degree of care and time.

-- Nwankwo Stella formally, Onyenagubo

Oluwatoyin Job (Nee Afolabi) is an enthusiastic and ambitious lady who had her Bachelor's Degree (BSc) in Chemistry at the prestigious University of Ibadan (UI) in the year 2004 and served in Benin City, Edo state. After my service year, I returned to the great citadel of learning for my Master's Degree (MSc.) in Analytical Chemistry. The reason for this was borne out of my passion for academics as well as the interest I have in the teachings of the able and erudite Prof. Osibanjo. After that, I proceeded to undergo my professional certification, for which I was inducted into the great Institute of Chartered Chemists of Nigeria (ICCON) in 2007. As a goal-getter, I taught chemistry in some secondary schools for two (2) years. During teaching, I ensured I didn't limit myself to academics alone but also impacted the morals of the young lads under my watch. Due to my enthusiasm for my field of study, I worked for another two years as an analyst for a pharmaceutical firm before transitioning to the telecommunications sector in 2011. To the glory of God, I have improved exponentially in the discharge of my duties at my current place of work, which has earned me a series of promotions from one unit to the other. This was also made possible due to different certifications I have acquired over the years to my credit. I currently serve as a Consumer Sales and Services Specialist at 9Mobile Nigeria. I am happily married and blessed with God's gifts.

-- Oluwatoyin Job (Nee Afolabi)

I graduated from UI with a bachelor's degree in Pure Chemistry and Unilag with a Master's degree in Analytical Chemistry. I was greatly inspired by Professor Osibanjo, an erudite scholar, to study Analytical Chemistry. After graduation, I worked briefly as a Marketing Executive with Drury Industries Ltd, a company that specialized in the manufacturing and selling of Sulphuric Acid and Alum. My journey into the Pharmaceutical industry started in 2011 when I joined Fidson Healthcare Plc. as a Quality Assurance Officer in Quality Department. Fidson Healthcare Plc deals in a lot of manufacturing and selling pharmaceutical drugs and herbal products. In 2016, Fidson started manufacturing intravenous products, and shortly after that, I was transferred from Quality Department to Production Department (INFUSION) as a Production Chemist. Under Production, we have both Pharma and Infusion. I was privileged to be a pioneer member to start the IV Plant. My journey into Pharmaceutical Industry has been exciting! Not without its challenges, though!! Over the years, I had different pieces of training and enjoyed several promotions. I am currently an Assistant Production Manager in the IV Plant of Fidson Healthcare Plc.

-- Sunday Adegoke

I graduated from the University of Ibadan with a bachelor's degree in chemistry. As a chemistry undergraduate, I struggled with finding my niche, which may have been organic chemistry. After graduation, I pivoted to social work and psychotherapy – an unprecedented career choice. I earned a Postgraduate Diploma in Social Work (PGDSW) and a master's in social work (MSW) from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, and then relocated to the United States. After taking and passing the master's level and then advanced clinical level boards of social work, I am a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist in the states of Maryland, New York, and Connecticut. I am currently a Doctor of Social Work (DSW) candidate (2023) with a research focus on Black, Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC), first-generation African immigrant trauma, and university teaching (graduate trauma courses). With over ten years of experience with various agencies, I now own a private practice where I serve BIPOC individuals seeking psychotherapy. Going through the chemistry experience contributed to my professional self-conceptualization: a 'pracademic,' scientist, researcher, and clinician.

-- Joy Jegede (nee Onokah)

I graduated from the Chemistry Department, University of Ibadan. I obtained my M.Sc. degree in Analytical Chemistry from Chemistry Department, UI, before proceeding to The University of Nottingham, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom, where I obtained a Ph.D. from the Department of Chemical and Environmental engineering. My research focuses on the environment. My B.Sc. was on Analysis of selected heavy metals in water from different sources, my M.Sc. was on Analysis of Heavy metals in printed wire board of computers (Ewaste), and my Ph.D. was on Remediation of crude oil polluted soil with conventional and microwave pyrolysis. I am currently working at the Federal University of Petroleum Resources Effurun as a researcher/lecturer focusing on environmental chemistry and a Key interest in waste management, pollution control/mitigation (Air, water, and soil), and recycling. My motivation for analytical chemistry research started at 200 L after the 1st lecture of Prof. Osibanjo, who later happened to be my M.Sc. project supervisor.

-- Akinyemi Ogunkeyede

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Pure Chemistry in 2004. I did not know what Chemistry was about until 200 L; I think the second semester when Prof. Onianwa introduced Analytical Chemistry. Prof. Onianwa made Chemistry come alive to me. I saw a different side of Chemistry, and I loved it and decided to pursue a career in Chemistry. Immediately after my service year, I did an MSc in Analytical Chemistry. I worked with Conoil as a Chemist for 8.5 years before leaving for the University of Nebraska for my Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry with a focus on Bioanalytical Analytical. I work with Pharmaceutical Product Development (PPD), a part of Thermo Fischer Scientific, as an Associate Research Scientist in Middleton, Wisconsin.

-- Susan Ovbude

I graduated from UI with a B.Sc in Chemistry. After graduation, I got a business administration job and went on to Toll road operations management as a pioneer staff member at Lekki Concession Company in 2010. I pursued a career in Toll operations and became the only female operations manager at LCC, a title unbeaten to date. After seven years in toll road management, I switched to becoming a Network Marketing Professional and resigned to become a stay-at-home mom to 3 kids. In addition to Network Marketing, I am an Entrepreneur. My brand name is Fabmom.

-- Chiagozie Salami

Profs Ajayi and Osibanjo inspired me, and they made me love Analytical chemistry even though Dr. Osowole was my favorite lecturer. After UI, I worked in consulting, accounting, and risk management for about five years, then decided to study for a Ph.D. in Chemistry. Currently, I work in the areas of Process Development/Chemistry. I also have an EMBA from Quantic School of Business and Technology, which helps me appreciate the industry's management aspects.

-- Dayo Fashina

I graduated from UI with a bachelor's degree in Chemistry. After graduation and completing my NYSC, I engaged in an A-Level tutorial center where I taught majorly Organic Chemistry to the students. My exposure to teaching organic chemistry and my flair for organic chemistry during my undergraduate studies, especially under the tutelage of Prof Adesogan and Prof Adesomoju, ignited my passion for pursuing a career in organic Chemistry under the supervision of Prof. Aiyelaagbe. I lecture at the Bells University of Technology, Sango Ota, Ogun State.

-- Paul Matthew Osamudiamen

I graduated from UI with a BSc in Chemistry. After graduation, I went back to bag an MSc in Industrial Chemistry. Presently, I am in the supply chain, some distance from Chemistry.

-- Gloria Chugbo

I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Chemistry. After graduation, I moved to the Financial Services Industry, where I worked with Zenith bank for 15 years and currently work with Providus bank.

-- Adah Agbo

I graduated from UI with a bachelor's degree in Pure & Applied Chemistry. After graduation, I pursued a Master's in Environmental Chemistry & Pollution Control from UI. I was inspired by the teachings of Professors Ajayi, Osibanjo, and Onianwa, especially during my Master's program. I am a Relationship Manager in the Retail Banking Unit of FirstBank

-- Oluwakemi Uchechukwu